نماذج اختبارات مزاولة المهنة صيدله

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه بكالوريوس صيدله اليمن

Choose the correct answer for questions (1-90)

Read the following prescription carefully

then answer questions (8-11)

Tinea Pedis is commonly known as
a. Athlete’s foot
b. corns
c. calluses
d. warts

Tinea Pedis is commonly known as
a. Athlete’s foot
b. corns
c. calluses
d. warts
e. blackheads

Serum enzyme tests that may aid in the diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction include:-
a. Alkaline Phosphatase
b. CPK (creatinine phosphokinase)
c. LDH (Lactic acid dehydrogenase)
d. a+b
e. b+c

Signs and symptoms of ” Caffeinism ” my include all of the following except
a. Anxiety
b. Muscle twitching
c. Agitation
d. Restlessness
e. Cough

Parenteral drug products undergo what type of testing to ensure that all microorganisms have been destroyed or removed?
a. Clarity testing
b. Leaker testing
c. Pyrogen testing
d. Sterility testing
e. Solubility testing

Which of the following cardiovascular agents is classified chemically as a glycoside:-
a. Nifedipine
b. Digoxin
c. Flecainide
d. Cholestyramine
e. Warfarin

In the classification system for drug use during pregnancy, category X drugs are compounds for which:-
a. The possibility of fetal harm is remote
b. Animal, but not human, studies have shown adverse effects.
c. Animal, but not human, studies have shown teratogenic risk.
d. Both animal and human studies have shown that severe risk to the fetus clearly overweighs the benefits of the drug.
e. Evidence of human fetal risk exists, but life – threatening situations may necessitate use of the drug despite the risks.

According to the prescription, the patient should take the drug as follows
a. Two drops in the right eye four times daily
b. Two drops in each eye four times a day
c. Two drops in the left eye once daily
d. Two drops in the right eye once daily
e. One drop in the left eye four times a day

Oflox eye drops contains the following active ingredient
a. Tetrahydrazoline
b. Ofloxacin
c. Chloramphenicol
d. Sodium Cromoglycate
e. Naphazoline

Oflox is manufactured by
a. Allergan pharmaceuticals
b. Sanofi Aventis
c. Braun
e. Novarti

A locally manufactured drug that contains the same active ingredient as Oflox include the following
a. Lomixin
b. Taricin
c. Ramacetine
d. Ultracin
e. b+d

All of the following are considered common side effects for Codeine except :-
a. Miosis d. Constipation
b. Nausea e. Addiciton
c. Diarrhea

True statements concerning Cimetidine and Ranitidine include
a. They are useful in the treatment of duodenal ulcers
b. They may cause dizziness, mental confusion, and hepatic dysfunction
c. They are useful in the treatment of allergic reactions
d. a+b
e. b+c

The sedimentation of particles in a suspension can be minimized by
a. Adding Sodium Benzoate
b. Increasing the viscosity of the suspension
c. Reducing the particle size of the active ingredient
d. a+c
e. b+c

The sedimentation of particles in a suspension can be minimized by .

a. Adding Sodium Benzoate
b. Increasing the viscosity of the suspension
c. Reducing the particle size of the active ingredient
d. a+c
e. b+c

The drug Monozole contains the following active ingredient
a. Miconazole
b. Fluconazole
c. Metronidazole
d. Bifonazole

e. Clotrimazole

Monozole is manufactured by
a. Jerusalm Pharmaceutical company
b. Pharmacare PLC
c. Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company
d. Birzet Pharmaceutical Company
e. Megapharm

Dimestil GEL is manufactured by
a. Jerusalem Pharmaceutical company
b. Pharmacar PLC
c. Abbot
d. Birzeit Pharmaceuticals Company
e. Wyeth

Clindex Topical Solution is manufactured by
a. Jerusalem Pharmaceutical company
b. Pharmacare PLC
c. Beit Jala Pharmaceuticals Company
d. Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company
e. Megapharm

Which of the following matches is not true
a. cidalin – Mebhydrolin
b. Agispor – Miconazole
c. Duracef – Cefadroxil
d. Roxin – Piroxicam
e. Lactopar –Bromocriptin

Ventolin medicine is
a. Alpha – receptor antagonist
b. Alpha – receptor agonist
c. Beta receptor antagonist
d. Beta – receptor agoinst e. Alpha and Beta – receptor agonist

Benzoyl Peroxide is used in the treatment of
a. Psoriasis
b. Pinworms
c. Acne
d. Trichomonal infection
e. Seborrbeic dermatitis

. Which of the following have the same mechanism of action as penicillins
a. Lincomycin 
b. Cefixime 
c. Tetracyclines 
d. Gentamicin
e. Ciprofloxaccin

Fatal aplastic anemia is a toxic effect of one of the following drugs
a. Ciprofloxacin
b. Clindamycin
c. Cefadroxil 
d. Chloramphenicol
e. Disopyramide 

Carbidopa acts as :
a. Reverse symptoms of Parkinson ‘s disease 
b. Exerts an anticholinergic action 
c. dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor
d. aneuromuscular blocking agent 
e. Is askeletal muscle relaxant 

Which of the following drugs reduces Uric acid production in the body:
a. Allopurionl 
b. Phenylbutazone
c. Famotidine 
d. Propylthiouracil
e. Probencid 

Which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of Hyperthyriodism:
a. Dihydrotachysterol
b. Phytomenadione
c. Prednisone
d. Methimazole
e. Liothyronine

All of the following Anabolic steroid except :
a. Stanozolol
b. Oxymetholone
c. Nandrolone 
d. Norethindrone
e. Oxandrolone

Which of the following is a pure narcotic antagonist ?
a. Butorphanol
b. Naloxone
c. Buprenorphine 
d. Sufentanil 
e. Nalbuphine HCL

Use Organic Nitrates for a long period of times lead to :-
a. Hepatotoxicity
b. Tolerance
c. Nephrotoxicity
d. Visual Disturbance
e. Aplasic anemia

Cyproterone is classified as :-
a. Gonadotropin –releasing hormone analogue
b. Anti estrogen
c. Estrogen 
d. Progestin
e. Anti androgen

Which of the following is a side effect for clozapine drug :
a. Thrombocytopenia
b. Meningitis 
c. Hypercalcemia
d. Hyperuricemia
e. Agranulocytosis

Ramipril is classified as :
aA B-blocker
b. ACE inhibitor
c. Ca-channel blocker
d. MAO inhibitor
e. HI-Antagonist

a. It is antifungal agent
b. It is indicated for the treatment of herpes zoster
c. It has antiprotozoal activity
d. A+B
e. All of the above

5000 nanograms equals :
a. 50 Centigram
b. 5 micrograms
c. 0.5 grams
d. 5 milligrams
e. 0.05 Kilograms

What is the daily dose for a patient weighing 175 Ib if the dose is 2mg/Kg/day :
a. 78mg
b. 350mg
c. 160mg
d. 770mg
e. 140mg

Hypertensive patients who can not use sodium salts can use
a. Ammonium chloride
b. Potassium iodide
c. Calcium chloride 
d. Potassium chloride 
e. None of the above

Potassium supplements can be administered by all of the following except:
a. IV infusion
b. Effervescent tablets
c. IV bolus
d. Slow-release tablets PO
e. Elixirs PO

Suspension injection can be administered by all of the following routes except:
a. Intra-articular
b. Intravenous
c. Intradermal
d. Subcutaneous
e. Intramuscular

Which of the following drugs can be given safely to breast feeding women:
a. Narcotics
b. Alcohol
c. Barbiturates
d. Acetaminophen
e. Diazepam

Acetylcysteine is used in the Overdose of Which of the following drugs:
a. Aspirin
b. Ferrous salt
c. Paracetamol
d. Benadryl
e. All of the above

All of the following drugs are used in the treatment of hyperglycemia except:
a. Glibenclamide
b. Metformin
c. Chlorpropamide
d. Glipizide
e. Glucagon

Phenolphthalein is classified as:
a. Antiinflammatory
b. Laxative
c. Analgesic
d. Antiseptic
e. Antibioti

Give that t1/2 is 2 hours, how long will it take for 75% of drug to be eliminate ?
a. 12 hours d. 16 hours
b. 4 hours e. 2 hours 
c. 8 hours

Swine flu is caused by serotype of influenza A virus:
a. H1N1 d. N5H1
b. N2H1 e. H3N2
c. H5N1

The brand name of Oseltamivir is:
a. Paraflu d. Flumadine
b. Flu e. Relenza
c. Tamiflu

The Pharmaceutical abbreviation D.C. means:
a. Dispense d. Divide
b. Discontinue e. Distilled water
c. Dilute

To make 50% (v/v) alcohol form 5000ml of 85% (v/v) alcohol , you must add enough water to volume?
a. 500 ml d. 850 ml
b. 1000 ml e. 3500 ml
c. 8500 ml

If a cough syrup contains 0.24 g of codeine in 120cc , how milligrams are contained in each teaspoonful dose?
a. 10 mg d. 240 mg
b. 100 mg e. 24 mg
c. 2 mg

If 12 tablets contain 3900 mg of aspirin , how many tablets should contain 975 mg ?
a. 30 d. 9
b. 10 e. 3
c. 6

All of these agents are immunosuppresants Exept :
a. Prednisolone d. Acyclovir
b. Ciclosporin e. Basiliximab
c. Tacrolimus

The set of properties that characteriza the effect of the drug on the body is called 
a. Distribution d. Pharmacokinrtics
b. Permeation e. Protonation
c. Pharmacodynamics

The process by which the amount of drug in the body is reduced after administration but before entering the systemic circulation is called?
a. Excretion d. Metabolism
b. First-order elimination e. Pharmacokinetics
c. First –pass sffect

Chronic use of which of the following drugs may increase the toxicity of Acetaminophen?
a. Ketoconazole
b. Ethanol
c. Ritonavir
d. Succinylcholine
e. Verapamil

Atropine overdose may cause which one of the following?
a. Gastrointestinal smooth muscle cramping
b. Increased cardiac rate
c. Increased gastric secretion 
d. Pupillary constriction
e. Urinary frequency 

which one of the following does NOT cause cycloplegia (Paralysis of accommodation) when used topically in the eye?
a. Atropine
b. Cyclopentolate
c. Physostigmine
d. Scopolamine
e. Tropicamide

Beta2-selective stimulants are often effective in :
a. Angina due to coronary insufficiency
b. Asthma
c. Chronic heart failure
d. Delayed or insufficiently strong labor
e. Raynaud’s syndrome

A drug that can cause renal damage in the fetus if given during pregnancy:
a. Captopril
b. Diazoxide
c. Fenoldopam
d. Guanethidine
e. Hydralazine

Which of the following is the drug of choice in treating suicidal overdose of digitoxin?
a. Digoxin antibodies d. Phenytoin
b. Lidocaine e. Potassium
c. Magnesium

A patient undergoing cancer chemotherapy is vomiting frequently . A drug that might help in this situation:
a. Bromocriptine d. Loratadine
b. Cimetidine e. Ondansetrone
c. Ketanserin

Among NSAIDs , aspirin is unique because it 
a. Irreversibly inhibits its target enzyme
b. Prevents episodes of gouty arthritis with long term use
c. Reduces the risk of colon cancer
d. Reduces fever
e. Selectively inhibits the COX-2 enzyme

You are on your way to take an examination and you suddenly get an attack of diarrhea , and for an over-the-counter opioid with antidiarrheal action , you will be asking for?
a. Codeine d. Loperamide
b. Dextromethorphan e. Nalbuphine
c. Diphenoxylate

Morphinemust be used with extreme caution in:
a. Adrenal insufficiency d. Late stage of labor
b. Biliary tract surgery e. All of the above
c. Hypothyroidism

Which of the following is MOST likely to be required by a 5-year-old boy with chronic renal insufficiency?
a. Cynocobalamin d. Filgrastim
b. Deferoxamine e. Oprelvekin
c. Erythropoietin

The risk of the following adverse reaction increases when selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors are used in combination with mono amine oxidase inhibitors:
a. Antimuscarinic effects
b. Alpha adrenoceptor blocking effect
c. Reduced sexual function
d. Serotonin syndrome
e. Cardiac arrhythmias

An opium alkaloid solely used as a cough suppressant is:
a. Codeine d. Papaverine
b. Thebaine e. Dextromethorphan
c. Noscapine

a. Is less potent than prednisolone
b. Also has mineralocorticoid activity
c. Improves glucose tolerance
d. Is a naturally occurring glucocorticoid
e. Suppresses hypothalamo-hypophysico-adrenal axis

A drug that causes purgation by local irritation of small intestine:
a. Senna d. Castor oil
b. Bisacodyl e. Aloes
c. Sorbitol

Which of the following antineoplastic drugs is an antimetabolite:
a. Carmustine d. Fluorouracil
b. Busulphan e. Vincristine
c. Cisplatin
e. Cardiac arrhythmi

Which of the following Insulin preparations has the longest duration of action?
a. Insulin aspart d. Glargine
b. NPH insulin e. Glulisine
c. Insulin Zinc suspention Lente

Megaloblastic anemia is the deficiency of:
a. Iron d. Folic acid
b. Vit B6 e. c+d
c. Vit B12

The active ingredient in the drug Denacine is:
a. Gentamycin d. Amikacin
b. Tetracycline HCL e. Tobramycin
c. Clindamycin Phosphate

Denacine is used for
a. Acne vulgaris d. Antiseptic
b. Fungal infections e. Dry eczema
c. Psoriasis

Denacine is manufactured by:
a. Birzet Pharmaceutical company
b. Pharmacare PLC
c. Beit Jala Pharmaceuticals company
d. Gama Pharmaceutical company
e. Jerusalem Pharmaceutical company

Which of the following matches is not true
a. Monolong – isosorbide mononitrate- CTS
b. Zinanat – Ceftriaxone-Glaxo
c. Indomid-indomethacin-Pharmacare
d. Primolut Nor-Norethisterone
e. B+C

نماذج إختبارات مزاوله المهنه طب اسنان

نماذج إختبارات مزاوله المهنه طب اسنان 1

Components of local ansthesia armamentarium

A-syringe – B- needle- C- topical ansthesia -D – all of above

Pain on insertion

A,- dullneedle – B-use large gauge – C- applying topical anesthesia at the site of penetration – D – all of above

Gauge of needle that causes less pain

A,25guage- B, 27guage- C-30guage -D……..

Positive aspiration is due to

A-intravascular injection -B-intramuscular injection- C-all of above – D- non of above

the amount of ansthesia should be delivered is

A,1ml/min |B,3ml/min|C……..|D……..

Failure of ansthesia can be due to

(A,intravascular injection.- (B,intramuscular injection.- (C,all of above.-(D,non of above

nerve supply of first maxillary molar

A- superior-middle dental nerve – B superior-posterior dental nerve- C greater palatine nerve-D all of above

to extract maxillary first molar ansthesia should be delivered to

-A superior-middle dental nerve -B- superior-posterior dental nerve- C- greater palatine nerve-D – all of above

to extact maxillary canine ansthesia should be delivered to

– A,superior-middle dental nerve – B,superior-posterior dental nerve – C,greater palatine nerve – D,all of above – E, non of above

نماذج إختبارات مزاوله المهنه طب اسنان

to extact maxillary central incisor ansthesia should be delivered to

-A,unilateral superior-anterior dental nerve- B,bilateral superior-anterior dental nerve – C,greater palatine nerve – D,all of above

nerve not involved in extraction of mandibular first molar

-A,inferior alveolar nerve -B,long buccal nerve –C,lingual nerve -D,non all of above

اقرا ايضاً: نماذج امتحان مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

nerve not involved in RCT of mandibular first molar

A, inferior alveolar nerve -B,long buccal nerve – C ,lingual nerve -D,non of above

nerve not involved in RCT of mandibular canine


nerve supply of mandibular canineis

-A,inferior alveolar nerve – B,mental nerve – C,mandibular nerve- D……

nerve supply of mandibular first molar

A,mandibular nerve -B ,mental nerve – C,inferior alveolar nerve- D ,trigeminal nerve

all the answers are wrong about radicular cyst except

A,non-vital tooth-B,……C……..,D…

all the answers are wrong about keratocyst except

which answer is correct inregard to ranula

A,mandibluar gland-B,…….C,…….D………

before dentist handson tooth extraction he should know

A,x-Ray- B ,is the tooth indicated to be extracted. – C ,the extraction is simple or surgical.- D…..

before dentist diagnoses tooth extraction hes hould see

A,patientx-Ray -B-,is the tooth indicated to be extracted- C -,the extraction is simple or surgical – D….

Gat chewing is

-A- par a functional- B- psychological – C……D…….

causes of TMJ problems

TMJ reconstruction is indicated

dautrey produre is

نماذج إختبارات مزاوله المهنه طب اسنان 2

condylectomy is

arthrocentesis is

marsuplization is

A,removal of large cystِ -B -removal of small cyst. -C -used to protect facial structure.- D -used to prevent recurrence

the mostbio-tolerated material used in implant is

A,-titanium – B, porcelain- C,……D,……

Orthognathicsurgery is

distraction orthognathic/or distraction osteogensis surgeryisﻣﻨﻬﻢﻭﺍﺣﺪﺓﺍﻱ

organize the produre from the least severity to the highest((orthodontic treatment,orthognathic surgery,distraction osteogensis surgery”))

osseointegeration or implantation requires

-A bone quality and bone quantity -B expert doctor even the reisno bone quality-C,……-D,…….

factosto have agood prognosis of osse integration except

A,implant material -B -less tissue truma- C-primary stability- D – expert dentist

the most important memberin cleft lip and palate team is

-A- maxill of acial surgeon -B- periodentist -C,……..- D,- ENT specialist

team intreatment cleft lip and palatepatient consist of

-A- surgeon,orthodontist,ENT specialist- B-prosthodontist,paediatrician,maxillofacial surgeon,psychologist – C specialnurse,technician – D- all of above

primary concernin cleft lip and palate patientis

-A- feeding -B-breathing- C,…….D,…….

the most important mangement in treatment of cleft lip and palate patient

-A-parent mangement -B- hearing management- C,…….D,……..

all about sarcoidosis are wrong except

A- parotid gland only – B- causes salivary gland enlargement- C,…….D ,.. … …

all about Frey’ A , s syndrome are wrong except

parotidectomy -B , sweatonskin -C ,.. … D , bonly

what is correct inregard to Sojren syndrome

-A , it hasn’t related to malignancy – B – it is needed special treatment -C , all of above -D , non of above

نماذج إختبارات مزاوله المهنه اسنان

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

المكان الشائع لجص النبض عند البالغين :

  1. الشريان السباتي
  2. ألشريان الكعبري
  3. الشريان العضدي
  4. الأوردة في الساعد

كل ما يلي يؤدي الى حدوث النزيف في الجسم باستثناء :

  1. التهاب المعدة
  2. الحصى البولية
  3. نقص الصفائح
  4. هبوط ضغط الدم

يمنع استخدام محلول Normal saline في حالة :

  1. ارتفاع السكر
  2. الهاب السحايا
  3. هبوط الضغط
  4. الاستسقاء

كل الآتي من الأسباب التي تؤدي الى الاصابة بالجفاف باستثناء :

  1. الاسهال .
  2. الحروق .
  3. سوء التغذية
  4. لتهاب الجلد
  5. التقيؤ

كل ما يلي موجود طبيعي في نتيجة البول باستثناء :

  1. اليوريا
  2. الالبومين
  3. الكرياتينين
  4. الصوديوم

كل مايلي عوامل مسببة لنقص حجم السائل باستثناء :

  1. الإسهال
  2. القيء
  3. التعرق المفرط
  4. فشل الكلوي

كل ما يلي هي المضاعفات الأكثر شيوعا بعد العمل الجراحي باستثناء :

  1. نزيف
  2. التهاب اللوزتين
  3. عدوى الجرح
  4. الألم

كل ما يلي مظاهر سريرية لزيادة حجم السائل باستثناء :

  1. قلة البول
  2. الوذمة
  3. . انتفاخ الأوردة العنق
  4. . زيادة CVA 9.

إنقطاع النفس هو مصطلح طبي يعني :

  1. نبض سريع
  2. توقف عن التنفس
  3. انخفاض ضغط الدم
  4. زياده درجه حراره الجسم

جميع الإجراءات التالية أثناء رعاية التمريض قبل العملية باستثناء :

  1. مراقبة موقع الشق
  2. إزالة دبابيس قابضات الشعر
  3. إزالة المجوهرات والأطراف الاصطناعية
  4. تقييم جميع العلامات الحيوية

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

علامات وأعراض صدمة نقص حجم الدم هي كل ما يلي باستثناء :

  1. عدم انتظام دقات القلب
  2. ارتفاع ضغط الدم
  3. الشحوب وزرقة
  4. تسرع التنفس

عندما يكون مستوى السكر في الدم أعلى من المعدل الطبيعي ، وهذا يعني أن المريض لديه :

  1. نقص السكر في الدم
  2. ارتفاع السكر في الدم
  3. بطم القلب
  4. إنخفاض ضغط الدم

أهم شيء يجب القيام به بعد أي إجراء تمريض هو :

  • التشخيص
  • توثيق التمريض
  • التخطيط
  • كلل ماسبق

جميع المواقع التالية هي مواقع تقييم لدرجة حرارة الجسم باستثناء :

  1. الموقع الشفوي
  2. الموقع الستقيم
  3. الموقع الإبطي
  4. قمي

اي من العوامل التالية تؤثر على درجة حرارة الجسم :

  1. تناول الطعام
  2. العمر والجنس
  3. المناخ
  4. كل ماسبق

تسمى الحالة التي يكون فيها الشخص على علم بقلبه :

  1. إضطراب النظم
  2. عدم انتظام ضربات القلب
  3. إيقاع النبض
  4. خفقان

السيد اشرف البالغ من العمر 35 عاما ، وجد أن معدل نبضه هو ۱۲۰ نبضة في الدقيقة يمكن أن يكون معدل ضربات القلب كماهو موضح :

  1. Tachypn
  2. Bradypenea
  3. Bradypenea
  4. Tachycardia

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

تسمى الحالة التي تكون فيها درجة حرارة الجسم أعلى من المعدل الطبيعي :

  1. لحمي
  2. ارتفاع ضغط الدم
  3. Bradypenea
  4. انخفاض حرارة الجسم

أي مما يلي يصف بشكل أفضل أسلوب الجس :

  1. استخدام حاسة السمع للاستماع إلى الأصوات
  2. استخدام التنصت جزء معين من الجسم لإنتاج الأصوات
  3. إستخدام الحواس لتقييم المظهر العام للمريض
  4. الشعور باللمس ليشعر بضغط خفيف أو عميق

الاستنشاق أو الإلهام يعني :

  1. توقف عن التنفس
  2. صعوبة في التنفس
  3. التنفس للخارج
  4. التنفس للداخل

تتراوح درجة حرارة الجسم الطبيعية بين :

  1. ۳۵.۸- 37.4 درجة مئوية
  2. ٣٥.٥-٥.36 درجة مئوية .
  3. ٣٦-٥.۳۸ درجة مئوية .
  4. 35.0 – ۳۸.۰ درجة مئوية

يعرف ضغط النبض بأنه أي مما يلي :

  1. الفرق بين الضغط الانقباضي والضغط الانبساطي
  2. توسيع الشريان بينما يتحرك الدم خلاله
  3. الفرق بين الضغط الوريدي والضغط الانقباضي
  4. الفرق بين الضغط الشرياني و الوريدي .

يعرف النوم بأنه :

  1. حالة من فقدان الوعي
  2. حالة من الراحة العاطفية والنعاس المفرط
  3. حالة من النعاس وانخفاض النشاط
  4. حالة انخفاض النشاط والتحفيز العقلي .

صنع سرير غير مأهول يعني :

  1. تغيير الكتان عندما يبقى المريض في السرير
  2. تغيير الكتان عندما يكون السرير فارغا
  3. الدولة التي يعفي فيها الشخص من الضيق
  4. لا شيء مما سبق

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض

ميزة استخدام طريقة وجها لوجه عند تقييم المريض :

  1. من الصعب اكتشاف المرض أو المشكلة
  2. يساعد على منع تجاهل بعض جوائب جمع البيانات .
  3. يستغرق المزيد من الوقت
  4. أنه يزيد من عدد التغييرات الموقف .

أدق وقت لقياس معدل النبض هو :

  1. ٣٠ ثانية .
  2. ١٥ ثانية
  3. 60ثانية
  4. 45ثانية

يتراوح معدل التنفس الطبيعي للراحة في الدقيقة عند البالغين بين :

  1. 10-14
  2. 12-20
  3. 20-25
  4. 20-30

تسمى الممارسات التي تعزز الصحة من خلال النظافة الشخصية :

  1. المظهر العام
  2. الصورة الذاتية
  3. الأرق
  4. النظافة

اي من المصطلحات التالية يشير إلى اضطراب يتميز بخروج البروتين في البول ووذمة ، ونقص ألبومين الدم ، وفرط شحميات الدم :

إلتهاب حويضة الكلية

التهاب كبيبات الكلى

التهاب المثانه الخلالي

المتلازمه الكلوي

كل ما يلي عبارة عن حمامات علاجية باستثناء :

  1. حمام نوامة
  2. -حمام بالشامبو
  3. حمام العلاج
  4. -حمام سیتز

نماذج اختبارات مزاوله المهنه مساعدي اطباء+ تمريض