نماذج إمتحان مزاولة المهنة صيدله

نماذج إمتحان مزاولة المهنة صيدله

The following drug is classified as Immunosuppressive Agent:-
Mycophenolate Mofetil

Read the following prescription carefully, then answer questions (2-5):
Tavanic 500mg Tab
Take 1 Tab BID
14 days

The drug Tavanic contains the following active ingredient:
Ceftriaxone sod

Tavanic is classified as:-
Penicillin Antibiotic
Macrolide Antibiotic
Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic
Aminoglycoside Antibiotic
Cephalosporin Antibiotic

Tavanic is manufactured by:-
Sanofi Aventis
Eli Lilly

A locally manufactured drug that contains the same active ingredient as Tavanic includes the following:_

Common etiologic agents of community acquired pneumonia include:-
I. Esherichia coli
II. Haemophilus Influenza
III. Mycoplasma pneumonia
I only
III onlonlyI and II only
II and III only
I,II and III
Pernicious anemia is:-
due to dietary deficiency of vitamin B12
Prevented by oral administration of a vitamin B6 supplement.
treated by parenteral administration of folic acid
treated by parenteral administration of vitamin B12
Caused by dietary iron deficiency.

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding tablet formulation?
Diluents are fillers to add bulk to the tablet
Lubricants help the patient to swallow the tablet more easily.
Binding agents may be added dry or in solution
Disintegrants draw water into the tablet causing it to burst
Glidents promote the flow of materials during compression

Reasons for using coatings on tablets include all of the following, EXCEPT:
To mask the taste of the drug
To mask the odor of the drug
To improve the appearance of the tablet
To increase the drug’s release rate
To protect the drug from stomach acid

Read the following prescription carefully, then answer questions (10-13):-

I.O.P eye drops
i gtt o.d t.i.d

I.O.P eye drops contains the following active ingredient:-
Sodium Cromoglycate
Timolol Maleate
Atropine sulphate
Prednisolone Phosphate

The following statement is true regarding the active ingredient in I.O.P eye drops:- :
I. Has a sulfonylurea structure
II. Has a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor activity.
III. Is useful in the treatment of glaucoma.

I only
III only
I and II only
II and III only
I, II and III

According to the prescription the drug should be taken as follows:-
One drop in the right eye four times daily
One drop in each eye four times daily
One drop in the left eye three times daily
One drop in the right eye three times daily
One drop in each eye three times daily

I.O.P eye drops is manufactured by :-
Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmacare PLC
Jerusalem Pharmaceutical company
Beit Jala Pharmaceuticals company

A solution has a ratio strength of 1:9000 (w/v). What is the percent weight-volume {(w/v)} of the solution.
0.01% d. 9%
1.1% e. None of the above

A medication is available in a 200mg/5ml vial. An Rx calls for 300mg bid x 10d.How many ml are needed for a single dose?
7.5 ml d. 150 ml
15 ml e. 300 ml
75 ml

What quantity should be dispensed for the following prescription?
Rx: Prednisolone 5 mg Tab
Sig: 2 tabs qid x 2 days
2 tabs tid x 2 days
2 tabs bid x 2 days
1 tab tid x 2 days
1 tab bid x 2 days. Then stop
Qty qs:-
23 tablets d. 50 tablets
25 tablets e. 60 tablets
46 tablets

Which of the following drug decreases the efficacy of the drug Coumadin :
Clofibrate d. Heparin
Metronidazole e. None of the above
Vitamin K

The following laboratory test should be used to monitor therapeutic progress of patients receiving Coumadin:-
Prothrombin time d. Creatinine Kinase
Bilirubin e. Allergy testing

When considering the appropriateness of Glucophage monotherapy for a patient with type II diabetes mellitus, relevant patient factors to consider include:
I. Obesity
II. Renal dysfunction.
III. Thyroid function.
I only d. II and III only
III only. e. I, II and III
I and II only.

All of the following are classified as Anti-hypertensive drugs except:-
Doxazosin d. Amlodipine
Valsartan e. None of the above

State which of the following Pharmaceutical abbreviation is not correct:
p.r.n=as needed
o.u = both eyes
q.o.d = every other day
a.c = after meals
noct=at night

Absorption of drugs from gastrointestinal tract occurs more:
a. In ionized state
b. With larger molecular size
c. In case of tertiary amines
d. With greater water solubility
e. With longer disintegration time

By knowing the half-life of a drug we can find out:
a. The dose of the drug
b. Bio-availability of the drug
c. Time to reach the steady state
d. Rate of absorption
e. The pattern of their distribution in body

Pralidoxime is administered to patients suffering from poisoning
With Organophosphorous compounds to:
Reduce the cholinergic effects
Reactivate cholinesterase enzyme
Counter the central effects of acetylcholine
Prevent the respiratory embarrassment
Stimulate production of fresh cholinesterase

Which of the following endocrine abnormality may be produced by
D-2 receptor blockade caused by phenothiazines?
a. Hypothyroidism d. Diabetes mellitus
b. Hyperprolactinaemia e. Diabetes insipidus
c. Iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome

Aspirin is not used in young children for antipyretic effect, because it may be associated with:
a. Salicylism
b. Hypoprothrombinemia
c. Renal impairment
d. Metabolic acidosis
e. Reye’s syndrome

Which one of the following drugs exhibits its anti-hypertensive effect primarily by reduction of peripheral resistance?
a. Diltiazem d. Amlodipine
b. Clonidine e. Atenolol
c. Verapamil

A calcium channel blocker preferably used in subarachnoid haemorrhage is:
Verapamil d. Amlodipine
Nifedipine e. Nimodipine

A diuretic that produces its action mainly by acting on the proximal part of distal convoluted tubules is:
a. Ethacrynic acid d. Spironolactone
b. Triamterene e. Mannitol
c. Hydroxychlorothiazide

A drug that inhibits ADP-induced platelet aggregation is:
a. Abciximab d. Clopidogrel
b. Aspirin e. Tirofiban
c. Eptifibatide

While traveling by car to a hill-station, a child suffered from nausea and vomiting. In order to prevent these symptoms to occur during return journey you would prescribe:
a. Atropine d. Diphenoxylate
b. Promethazine e. Chlorpromazine
c. Ondensatron

Loperamide and Diphenoxylate:
a. Are very effective in controlling the diarrhea of sever ulcerative colitis.
b. Are preferred for control of diarrheas caused by infections
c. Are primarily used in treatment of diarrheas in infants
d. Should be preferred over ORS therapy in childhood diarrheas
e. May produce substantial improvement in diarrhea of irritable bowel syndrome

A patient presenting with acute episode of bronchial asthma should be preferably treated with:
a. Oral administration of LTD-4 receptor blockers
b. Administration of Mast Cell Stabilizing drug by aerosol
c. Administration of long acting Beta-2 receptor agonists by inhalation
d. Administration of short acting Beta-2 receptor agonists by inhalation
e. Oral administration of slow-release tablets of theophylline

Which of the following drugs may be used in regimens for eradication of H.pylori?
Clarithromycin d. Ciprofloxacin
Tobramycin e. Albendazole

Cellcept is calssified pharmacologically as:
Antihistamine d. Anti-inflammatory
Immunosuppressant e. Antitussive

Sulphamethoxazole is combined with trimethoprim in cotrimoxazole because the two drugs:
a. Have matching volumes of distribution
b. Have similar plasma protein binding
c. Have matching half lives
d. Inhibit different steps in a metabolic pathway in the organisms
e. Are excreted through the same route

The aminoglycosides are not effective against anaerobic bacteria because:
These organisms do not have binding sites for aminoglycosides
These drugs fail to enter into anaerobes
These drugs are actively effluxed from anaerobes
These drugs are inactivated under anaerobic conditions
The anaerobes produce inactivating enzymes against aminoglycosides

The tetracyclines are not prescribed to the growing children because they:
May cause pseudomembranous enterocolitis
May cause photosensitivity
May cause sever vertigo
May impair bony growth
May cause Fanconi-like syndrome

Among the alkaloids of Vinca rosea:
a. Vinblastine cause more neurotoxicity than vincristine
b. Vincristine causes more bone marrow depression than vinblastine
c. Vincristine is more useful in childhood leukemias
d. Vinblastine has mechanism of action different than vincristine
e. The clinical uses of two alkaloids are practically the same

Which of the following drugs used in chemotherapy of breast cancer acts by inhibiting the Estrogen receptor?
Diethylstilbestrol d. Paciltaxel
Tamoxifen e. Cyclophosphamide

If the dose of a drug is 50 mcg, how many doses are contained in 0.020g

d. 100
400 e. 10

One tablespoonful contains:
5ml d. 20ml
10ml e. Non of the above

Which of the following may reduce the severity and duration of influenza if administered early in the course of the infection?
Zanamivir d. a and b
Oseltamivir e. a and c

Which of the following side effects will the patient most likely experience if using trihexyphenidyl ?
Diaphoresis d. Miosis
Diarrhea e. Urinary incontinence
Dry mouth

All of the following statements about intramuscular drug administration are true EXCEPT :
a. entry of the drug into the circulation is affected by the drug’s degree of lipophilicity.
b. peak effect is generally less than with intravenous administration.
c. bioavailability equals 100% .
d. maximium injection volume is 2-5 ml
e. drug effects generally last longer than with intravenous administration

The most useful glucose test employed in monitoring diabetes mellitus (DM) therapy is:
a. urine monitoring d. cardiovascular monitoring
b. blood monitoring e. vascular monitoring
c. renal function

Placental transfer of a drug is affected by all of the following characteristics EXCEPT :
a. molecular weight d. Lipid solubility of the drug
b. fetal sex e. plasma protein binding
c. gestational age

The advantage of recommending dextromethorphan instead of codeine includes
a. more analgesia for muscle aches and pain
b. fifty percent as much respiratory depression
c. fifty percent as much addiction
d. peripheral action instead of central action
e. none of the above.

Drugs useful in treatment of infertility include all of the following EXCEPT :
clomiphene .
gonadotropin-releasing hormone.
human chorionic gonadotropin

Hormones that are synthesized in the hypothalamus include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. corticotrophin-releasing hormone.
b. luteinizing hormone
c. oxytocin
d. thyrotropin-releasing hormone
e. vasopressin

which of the following statements about Regular Insulin is not correct:
a. It is a clear product
b. It may be administered either sc or iv
c. It is a short-acting insulin
d. It is a rapid acting insulin
e. It has long duration of action

Which of the following matches is not correct :
Mesulid Nimesulide
Simovil Simvastatin
Tritace Captopril
Rafassal 5-aminosalicylic acid
Redoxon Vitamin C

The ingredient added to tablets in pharmaceutical industry to help in disintegration is called:
Disintegrant d. Dissolution-enhancing agent
Lubricant e. Binder

Bromhexin is used clinically as:
Laxative d. Mucolytic
Cough suppressant e. Diagnostic agent

Streptokinase is used in treatment of
Celiac disease d. lung cancer
Pulmonary emboli e. none of the above

Which of the following drugs is used in the treatment of a diabetic pregnant woman:
Insulin d. Metformin
Chlorpropamide e. none of the above

Amlodipine is classified as
Antitussive d. ACE inhibitor
Antispasmodic e. none of the above
calcium channel blocker

The drug that decreases Uric acid production in the body is:
Allopurinol d. Propylthiouracil
Phenylbutazone e. Probencid

Which of the following pharmacological classes should not be used during pregnancy:
Narcotics d. Diazepam
Alcohol e. all of the above

Which of the following vitamins is lipid soluble:
Vitamin A d. Pyridoxine
Thiamine e. Ascorbic acid

Patient should be cautioned not to consume alcoholic beverages when given a prescription for any of the following EXCEPT :
a. cefixime. d. glipizide
b. chloral hydrate e. metronidazole
c. chloropropamide.

When a patient is prescribed glyceryl nitrate (nitroglycerine) tablets they must:
a. store them in a tightly closed glass bottle
b. Keep a couple of tablets in their pocket or purse for emergency use
c. Swallow them whole with a glass of water
d. Take them regularly e.g. 8 hourly
e. all of the above.

A patient suffering from depressive disorder is being treated with imipramine if he uses diphenhydramine for allergic rhinitis a drug interaction is likely to occur because:
a. diphenhydramine inhibits imipramine metabolism
b. both drugs block reuptake of norepinephrine release from sympathetic nerve endings.
c. imipramine inhibits the metabolism of diphenhydramine.
d. both drugs block muscarinic receptors.
e. the drugs compete with each other for renal elimination

Agents that have been shown to protect the upper gastrointestinal tract from ulcer formation include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. antacids d. misoprostol
b. cimetidine e. sucralfate.
c. ibuprofen

The drug Prozac contains:
a. paroxetine d. trimiprane
b. trazodone e. fluoxetine.
c. sertraline

The drug Cialis contains:
d.vardenafil a. testosterone
b. alprostadil e.sildenafil
c. tadalafil

A locally manufactured drug that contains the same active ingredient as Cialis:
a. sinagra
b. fortex
c. v-care
d. all of the above
e. none of the above.

The manufacturer of Cialis is:
a. Novartis
b. GSK
c. Lilly
d. Pfizer
e. Roche.

10,000 units of Heparin are added to 1 Liter of 0.9% Saline. Dose prescribed is 400 units per hour. Calculate the rate of infusion in ml/hr.
4 ml
0.4 ml

Digoxin injection is available in concentration of 0.1 mg/ ml .How many milliliters of the injection will provide a dose of 75 mcg?
7.5 ml
75 ml
0.1 ml

In dispensing the Latin abbreviation for “at bedtime” is:
a. b.i.d.
b. hrs.
c. h.
d. h.s.
e. prn.

Atropine sulphate is used to treat the poisoned patients with:
a. Cyanide
b. Iodine 1-131
c. Organophosphate
d. Iron
e. Methanol

Which of the following conjugation reactions occurs inside the
microsomes of hepatocytes ?
a. Sulfate conjugation
b. Acetylation
c. Glycine conjugation
d. Glucuronide conjugation
e. Glutathione conjugation

The drug Crestor contains the following active ingredient:
a. verapamil
b. pravastatin
c. rosuvastatin
d. ramipril
e. cilazapril

Crestor is classified as:
a. ACE inhibitor
b. statin type hypercholestrolemic agent
c. calcium antagonist hypotensive agent
d. B blocker
e. statin type hypocholestrolemic agent.

Symbicort Turbuhaler contains:
a. Budesonide
b. Formoterol
c. Salmeterol
d. a+b
e. a+c

Symbicort Turbuhaler is manufactured by:
a. Sanofi Aventis
b. GSK
c. AstraZeneca
d. Abbot
e. Novartis

Read the following prescription carefully, then answer questions (78- 80)

Rx:- Prazolex 1mg Tab
1 Tab T.I.D

Prazolex Tab contains the following active ingredient:-
Bromazepam Prazolex is classified as:-
Benzodiazepine Anxiolytic
Atypical Antipsychotic
Phenothiazine Antipsychotic
Piperidine Antipsychotic
None of the above

Prazolex Tab is manufactured by:-
Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmacare PLC
Jerusalem Pharmaceutical company
Beit Jala Pharmaceuticals company

The drug Glivec is classified as:-
Anti-spasmodic agent
Anti-arrythmic agent
Anti-neoplastic agent
Anti-diabetic agent
Anti-hypertensive agent

The active pharmaceutical ingredient in Amaryl is:

Myocardial oxygen demand is increased by all of the following factors EXCEPT:
a. exercise
b. smoking
c. cold temperatures
d. isoproterenol
e. propranolol

The most serious adverse reaction that may occur with the use of Thionamide antithyroid drugs is:
a. Agranulocytosis
b. Joint pains
c. Paresthesias
d. Alopecia
e. Skin rashes

Potential adverse effects associated with aspirin include all of the following EXCEPT:
a. gastrointestinal ulceration
b. renal dysfunction
c. enhanced methotrexate toxicity
d. cardiac arrhythmias
e. hypersensitivity asthma

Which of the following will increase the half-life of theophylline?
a. carbamazepine
b. cimetidine
c. Phenobarbital
d. smoking
e. all of the above

Which of the following metals has no therapeutic use:
a. lead
b. lithium
c. gold
d. platinum
e. none of the above.

Which of the following enhances digitalis toxicity by pharmacokinetic mechanism:
a. captopril.
b. hydrochlorothiazide
c. lidocaine
d. quinidine
e. salfasalazine

Thiazides are known to reduce excretion of:
a. diazepam
b. fluoxetine
c. imipramine
d. lithium
e. potassium

A hypertensive patient has been using nifedipine for sometimes without outwards effects. If he experiences a rapidly developing enhancement of the antihypertensive effect of the drug it is probably due to:
a. concomitant use of antacids.
b. foods containing tyramine.
c. grapefruite juice.
d. induction of drug metabolism.
e. over-the-counter decongestant.


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